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Aggregates & Soils

Rich Topsoil & Beautiful Aggregates For All Your Landscaping Needs

We supply locally quarried sand and aggregates across the region for use in construction and landscaping. Our selection includes sand, decorative stone, concrete blocks, and much more.

For projects of all scopes, sizes, and requirements, contact us for high-quality topsoil and amazing aggregates.

High-quality Aggregates

We supply locally quarried sand and aggregates for delivery across the region. We deliver in bulk or bagged to meet your project’s needs.

Among the many topsoil and aggregate solutions we supply are:


In addition to our locally supplied building supplies and aggregates, we also provide a range of other landscaping and construction services including plant hire and haulage. If you are looking for help on your latest project, get in touch with our friendly team today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Topsoil is, as its name suggests, the top layer of soil. It is typically considered to make up 13-25cm of the upper layer and is where most organic activity takes place. As such, topsoil is considered the most nutrient-rich soil, as it’s where most plant life gets the majority of its minerals.

Because of this, it is vital to purchase the right kind of topsoil when planning out a garden area. This is because certain types of plants have evolved to thrive within certain types of soil. In turn, this also means that the wrong soil could make it difficult, or even impossible, for the plant to flourish. When considering your garden, the earth is just as important as the flowers.

‘Aggregates’ is a technical term that, when broken down, means, ‘a lot of the same stuff’. What that ‘stuff’ is can vary wildly. It can be stones, woodchips, or sand, among other things, but it must be the same. Depending on the type you use, aggregates can be incredibly useful for both aesthetic and architectural purposes.

They can be used for paths in gardens, as a source for drainage, or even as a compound ingredient for asphalt.

Contact our team for a free consultation and find out exactly which tools would best suit your project.

There are a number of options available. Landscaping can be challenging for those new to it.

Our first recommendation is research. Looking up fished projects that have used topsoil, sand, or chippings can give you a feel for how they could look as a part of your project.

Our second recommendation, if you are still unsure, is to contact us. Our team of experienced groundworkers have a whole host of experience in the industry. Let us put that experience to work in helping you find the best aggregate or soil for your project.

We do! In addition to aggregate and soil supply, we also offer bespoke haulage services that are perfect for transporting machinery, materials, and aggregates.

Contact J Keane Plant Hire

To find out more about our aggregates or topsoil options, as well as have them delivered to you, contact us today.

Our team offers expert advice on our high-quality products for your information and peace of mind. We strive to offer you the very best deals on all of our products.

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