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Operated Plant Hire

Quality Machinery Driven By Qualified & Experienced Operators

In addition to our plant hire services, we also offer operated plant hire. This is where we supply a qualified and experienced plant operator to ensure that the machine is used professionally, efficiently, and, above all, safely.

Plant machinery should only be used by those who are formally qualified to do so. To safeguard your project against inefficiency, low-quality work, and health and safety hazards, you must ensure that all heavy machinery is operated exclusively by those who know how.

If your project does not have a qualified plant operator, then contact us to hire one with your plant machinery and ensure your project proceeds smoothly.

Expert Operators

We provide a variety of tools depending on the task at hand. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you and run the machinery. We will work with you at every level of the project to identify the most affordable approach to accomplish your objectives.

Operated Plant Hire Machinery

Our plant hire machinery is serviced to the highest standards and even exceeds industry standards. Our available plants include:

Frequently Asked Questions

This is outlined during the consultation period. During this time, we lock in and agree upon the objectives of your project and your plant hire. At this point, we outline how long this will take under expected conditions and give you a quote for the lease and hire time.

You can hire an operator independently or from us when you hire out your machinery.

This is subject to availability for both the operator and the plant machinery itself, as well as your project’s specific needs.

Contact us to discuss availability, scheduling and rapid response plant hire.

Contact our team for a free consultation and find out exactly which tools would best suit your project.

Yes. All of our operators are certified, qualified, and highly experienced in operating the machinery we have on offer.

Check Out Our Full Plant Hire Collection

See our plant hire page for the full list of plant hire machinery we have on offer.

Contact J Keane Plant Hire

Find out more about the selection of plant machinery we have on offer, as well as the amazing team of operators we field to bring your project to life.

For operated plant hire near you, contact our team today for a free quote.

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