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Excavation & Groundworks  – What Happens?

Ground preparation is the essential first step of every construction project. Without it, your newly erected structure could become unsafe and need to be taken down. The preparatory works for most projects are referred to as groundworks. The process of moving materials out of the ground is called excavation. We’re going to explain a little more about how excavation works.

How Does Excavation Work?

Excavation involves moving large amounts of material away from a set location. Before any of this work is carried out, the ground needs to be examined to determine what is being worked with. The inspection needs to make sure that the surrounding areas outside of the excavation zone won’t get damaged. Once that’s done, the area can be marked out and excavated to the desired depth. Further excavation may be required if there’s an intention to install utilities, wells or interconnecting trenches.

When Is Excavation Required?

Nearly every structure will require some level of excavation to prep the site for the build. This includes houses, roads, pools and reservoirs. It’s needed to ensure that the ground you’re building on is level and stable. It also ensures that water isn’t going to pool or erode the soil away over time. As well as that, it’s a great way to install utilities such as the water, sewer and electricity lines in a way that’s neat and not interfering with the structure.

Pipes Being Set In The Ground

What Precautions Do Groundworks Contractors Need To Take?

Excavation can be very dangerous work when done improperly. Sites need to be inspected daily before any work commences. If there’s any risk of collapse, nobody should enter the excavation zone. Just one cubic metre of soil can weigh over 1.5 tonnes. Therefore, nobody should be taking risks when it comes to unstable soil.

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